SBD Slovenija (co-founder) – Marketing

A while ago a good friend of mine got an opportunity to become an exclusive distributer of SBD products for Slovenia and he invited me to join him and help him with marketing and website management. SBD Apparel is the leading brand of strength sports apparel and equipment in the world. Based in the UK, their growth in past few years was phenomenal and it only confirms the high quality of their products. I must say I’m really proud to play a role in this story on the Slovenian market.


Roles and responsibilities:

  • content translations and adaptations
  • website & webshop management
  • marketing
  • social media managmenet

A1 Slovenija, d.d. – From Student to Product manager

I came to A1 Slovenia (Si.mobil at that time) in late 2016. I got a student job, working as a content manager. I became a product manager in the e-commerce team in January 2017. My job is to take care of the online presentation of the company’s offer. I take care of the purchase flow at and I manage upgrades on the Moj A1 web portal and mobile app.

Until now I’ve worked on several major projects in the company – complete company’s rebrand from Si.mobil to A1 Slovenia, renewal and upgrade of the webshop purchase flow, integration of the convergent telecomunications offer, integration of the GDPR, etc. During this time I worked with teams from some of the best Slovenian digital agencies, such as Parsek, D-Labs and iPROM. I also took part in the 2019 Telekom Austria Group’s Young Potential Program and I won an internal hackathon together with my team.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • product marketing – Webshop & Selfcare
  • website and webshop purchase process developement
  • website content management
  • analytics, testing and reporting
  • coordination and control
  • meetings coordination

During my work at A1 Slovenia I have learned quite a few things:

  • website and webshop developement methods and procedure
  • complete company’s rebrand process
  • scrum and agile work methods
  • precise business requests preparation
  • project management skills
  • analytics skills
  • coordination between multiple parties
  • selfcare app developement basics
  • live-tests and data-backed improvements

Powerlifting zveza Slovenije (PLZS) – Board Member

Apart from my job, being an accountant and graphic designer at Slovenian powerlifting Federation (Powerlifting zveza Slovenije – Zveza troboja moči or PLZS) takes the biggest amount of my free time over the weekends. I’m also one of the founders of the federation, part of the PR team, I help with event organisation (competitions, seminars, other events) and from time to time I also step on the stage and compete.


  • member of federation’s management board (since 2015)
  • graphic designer & photographer (since 2015)
  • national referee (since 2018)
  • accountant (2015-2018)


  • accounting & reporting
  • social media management
  • graphic design
  • video production
  • event management

I have designed the Federation’s logo (2015):

2020 Slovenia’s Open Nationals (Bench only and Powerlifting):

I created all of the designs, helped with the event’s organisation.

2019 Polzela Open Powerlifting Meet:

I created all of the designs, helped with the event’s organisation.

2019 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

Created all of the designs, helped with the event’s organisation.

2018 National Team Presentations:

I organised a photoshooting with Slovenian national team. I made the photos, edited them and prepared the banners for the social media. Photos had great reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram.


2018 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

Again we have managed to prepare an amazing event, with 50+ competitors, which is the biggest number so far. I have prepared a few of teaser videos, social media posts and all of the graphic material.


2017 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

Last year’s nationals were a huge success. We prepared an event like no one else has done it before in the Slovenian powerlifting histroy. I designed a landing page, helped with press releases, sponsor gathering and I took care of graphics (posters, diplomas, medals, accreditations, etc.).

2017 Ljubljana dviga Powerlifting Meet:

It was the first year that we managed to organise two major competitions. For this one I had to step aways from the classic green, white and grey theme and design something different. I tried to incorporate the city of Ljubljana in the whole design.

Other projects in 2017:

I have organised a chain of group workouts around Slovenia, named “Trening turneja PLZS”. We have visited different training places around the country. I have contacted all of the destinations, prepared all of the graphic materials, took care of the video production and animation, etc.

2016 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

Just like a year before, I took care of the graphic design and I helped a lot with the event organisation.

2015 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

We managed to build a new federation and to organise our first competition in just a few months in 2015. We became a member of the International Powerlifting Federation and a member of the European Powerlifting federation.

Matjaž Belšak, Slovenia’s Strongest Man

Matjaž Belšak is the strongest Slovenian ever to live and a 2-times World’s Strongest Man finalist. Apart from being his good friend, I also help him a lot with marketing and his online presence.

Roles and responsibilities at Belšak Power:

  • social media management
  • graphic design
  • website developement and content management
  • Wikipedia content management
  • event management
  • video production

Belšak Power Gym:

Matjaž is in process of starting his own strongman gym. I helped once again with graphic design – preparation of a history-wall and some photo collages.


I helped to refresh and add a ton of content on the existing Wikipedia page. You can visit it at

Slovenia’s Strongest Man 2019:

Once again I helped with the graphic design, organisation and post-event videos.

Slovenia’s Strongest Man 2018:

After a few years without real strongman competitions in Slovenia we decided to finally organise one. I did all of the graphic design (posters, social media banners), I helped with social media management, made a few post-competition videos and I wrote a short excerpt for the media, which was published by some of the Slovenian media houses.


I helped Matjaž with his social media for some time. I also built a new website from scratch –  I’m also really proud of the short documentary that we made together:

I designed branded merchandise, brochures for sponsors and posters for competitions. I have also helped to organise different events and seminars. – Founder

After making a few “unusual” and eye-catching CVs for myself and for some of my friends, I got an idea to build a webpage for CV redesigns. There are already quite a few free tools that can help one reach similar results, but they are often too generic and disappointing. I make fully custom and unique CVs for a fair price and I helped quite some people get new jobs already, although I’m not really doing a lot on marketing. You can visit the webpage at


  • graphic design
  • website design and development
  • content management
  • social media management
  • invoicing and accounting

Zaslon Telecom – Sales Associate

I was working as a associate in sales process of different software products of the company (software for legal departments, marketing software, telesales equipment and software, …). I was searching for new customers and was helping with event organisation by preparing the invitation letters, landing pages, etc.


  • website content management
  • graphic design
  • telephone marketing
  • event management


Marketing Magazin – Student Work

I worked with Marketing Magazin at SOF 2016 and Dani komunikacija 2016. I helped with the video interviews and with the overall photo & video coverage for the magazine. I also created the animation for their logo and helped with some other minor things.


  • graphic design
  • video production
  • event management

SOF 2016 aftermovie I made at that time: – Founder is my attempt of creating a media that would cover strength sports in Slovenia. I’ve been working on it with my friend for more or less 6 years now. Due to lack of time we are currently only filming powerlifting and other competitions in Slovenia, but we used to make different strength related videos, articles etc. We also sold some merchandise – as a part of the whole project I created a series of fun-themed T-shirt motives, connecting important Slovenian poets and writers and fitness-related themes.


  • social media management
  • graphic design
  • website developement and content management
  • video production

Here are some of the videos that we made:



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