Powerlifting zveza Slovenije (PLZS) – Board Member

Apart from my job, being an accountant and graphic designer at Slovenian powerlifting Federation (Powerlifting zveza Slovenije – Zveza troboja moči or PLZS) takes the biggest amount of my free time over the weekends. I’m also one of the founders of the federation, part of the PR team, I help with event organisation (competitions, seminars, other events) and from time to time I also step on the stage and compete.


  • member of federation’s management board (since 2015)
  • graphic designer & photographer (since 2015)
  • national referee (since 2018)
  • accountant (2015-2018)


  • accounting & reporting
  • social media management
  • graphic design
  • video production
  • event management

I have designed the Federation’s logo (2015):

2020 Slovenia’s Open Nationals (Bench only and Powerlifting):

I created all of the designs, helped with the event’s organisation.

2019 Polzela Open Powerlifting Meet:

I created all of the designs, helped with the event’s organisation.

2019 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

Created all of the designs, helped with the event’s organisation.

2018 National Team Presentations:

I organised a photoshooting with Slovenian national team. I made the photos, edited them and prepared the banners for the social media. Photos had great reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram.


2018 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

Again we have managed to prepare an amazing event, with 50+ competitors, which is the biggest number so far. I have prepared a few of teaser videos, social media posts and all of the graphic material.


2017 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

Last year’s nationals were a huge success. We prepared an event like no one else has done it before in the Slovenian powerlifting histroy. I designed a landing page, helped with press releases, sponsor gathering and I took care of graphics (posters, diplomas, medals, accreditations, etc.).

2017 Ljubljana dviga Powerlifting Meet:

It was the first year that we managed to organise two major competitions. For this one I had to step aways from the classic green, white and grey theme and design something different. I tried to incorporate the city of Ljubljana in the whole design.

Other projects in 2017:

I have organised a chain of group workouts around Slovenia, named “Trening turneja PLZS”. We have visited different training places around the country. I have contacted all of the destinations, prepared all of the graphic materials, took care of the video production and animation, etc.

2016 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

Just like a year before, I took care of the graphic design and I helped a lot with the event organisation.

2015 Slovenia’s Open Nationals:

We managed to build a new federation and to organise our first competition in just a few months in 2015. We became a member of the International Powerlifting Federation and a member of the European Powerlifting federation.

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