A1 Slovenija, d.d. – From Student to Product manager

I came to A1 Slovenia (Si.mobil at that time) in late 2016. I got a student job, working as a content manager. I became a product manager in the e-commerce team in January 2017. My job is to take care of the online presentation of the company’s offer. I take care of the purchase flow at https://www.a1.si/ and I manage upgrades on the Moj A1 web portal and mobile app.

Until now I’ve worked on several major projects in the company – complete company’s rebrand from Si.mobil to A1 Slovenia, renewal and upgrade of the webshop purchase flow, integration of the convergent telecomunications offer, integration of the GDPR, etc. During this time I worked with teams from some of the best Slovenian digital agencies, such as Parsek, D-Labs and iPROM. I also took part in the 2019 Telekom Austria Group’s Young Potential Program and I won an internal hackathon together with my team.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • product marketing – Webshop & Selfcare
  • website and webshop purchase process developement
  • website content management
  • analytics, testing and reporting
  • coordination and control
  • meetings coordination

During my work at A1 Slovenia I have learned quite a few things:

  • website and webshop developement methods and procedure
  • complete company’s rebrand process
  • scrum and agile work methods
  • precise business requests preparation
  • project management skills
  • analytics skills
  • coordination between multiple parties
  • selfcare app developement basics
  • live-tests and data-backed improvements
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