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After making a few “unusual” and eye-catching CVs for myself and for some of my friends, I got an idea to build a webpage for CV redesigns. There are already quite a few free tools that can help one reach similar results, but they are often too generic and disappointing. I make fully custom and unique CVs for a fair price and I helped quite some people get new jobs already, although I’m not really doing a lot on marketing. You can visit the webpage at


  • graphic design
  • website design and development
  • content management
  • social media management
  • invoicing and accounting

Coach Sanja Križan – Website Design

I helped Sanja migrate her already running business fully online and I also learned quite a few things from her while doing it. Together we developed a quite vast and very good looking online office, which grew even more since we got it live.. Make sure you check out her work at

Main features:

  • coffee oriented theme adds a bit of playfulness
  • presentational page with option for adding blog posts
  • multiple contact points
  • testimonials integration

Župnija Dornberk in Prvačina – Website Design

I prepared a new website for our local parish, beacuse the old one, which I also used to moderate, already showed some signs of time. The aim of the site is to present news and information about the local catholic church community in Dornberk and Prvačina. You can visit it at

Main features:

  • modern-looking
  • easy to manage
  • quick to load and easy to read on mobile
  • online registration for weekly newsletter and announces

Coach Erika Dolenc – Zorni Kot – Website Design

A simple, smart looking website, reflecting profesionalism and a bit of playfulness at the same time, to keep in touch with the logo’s design. Make sure you contact Erika if you need some professional help at

Main features:

  • simple and easy to read on mobile phones
  • multiple contact options
  • integrated testimonials from former customers


Preobleka – Marko Peršolja s.p. – Website Design

My cousin started a successful small business – he works as a carpenter and a tailor, he renovates and produces unique pieces of furniture and other similar objects. The main objective was to produce a website where he would be able to put his work on display. You can visit it at

Main features:

  • visually pleasing
  • simple company’s presentation page
  • contact form – Website Design

A website for a small carpentry business. This website is not live yet.

Main Features:

  • a simple, but modern webpage, reflecting the company’s graphic identity
  • visually rich
  • on-site purchase inquiries – Founder is my attempt of creating a media that would cover strength sports in Slovenia. I’ve been working on it with my friend for more or less 6 years now. Due to lack of time we are currently only filming powerlifting and other competitions in Slovenia, but we used to make different strength related videos, articles etc. We also sold some merchandise – as a part of the whole project I created a series of fun-themed T-shirt motives, connecting important Slovenian poets and writers and fitness-related themes.


  • social media management
  • graphic design
  • website developement and content management
  • video production

Here are some of the videos that we made:



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