NATURAL 24/7 GYM – New Graphic Identity

Roles and responsibilities:

– graphic design
– video production
– event management

My work:

In 2017 gym changed it’s name and asked me for help with designing a brand new logo. I tried to keep it modern, while still understandable and easy to spot.

I also designed a ton of posters, social media banners, T-shirt ideas, etc. I helped with the organisation of Slovenian Open Powerlifting Championships in 2015 and 2016 which took place in this very gym. I was covering the 2016 Natural Fit Liga’s finals and made some post-competition videos.

Former owner of the gym – Jure Rus, got the 1st place in his category at 2017 European IPF Classic Powerlifting competition. I made this banner at his “welcome home” party that was prepared by his friends and family.

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